Operating Guide to role evaluation

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Per implementare e gestire un sistema di valutazione e classificazione dei ruoli in azienda.


This Guide is intended to provide a support tool to human resource management professionals dealing with the design, development and management of company-based role analysis systems. To this end, the Guide covers some reference methods, describes the process to create a company role evaluation system and provides an in-depth analysis of the method proposed by OD&M: the Global Professional System (GPS).
  • Chapter 1 – Methodological background  Includes a detailed framework of the goals involved in role evaluation and gives an overview of the main methods that can be used to achieve the goals.
  • Chapter 2 – Role evaluation process  Defines an ideal process for carrying out a role evaluation project in a company, pointing out the necessary steps, as well as management rules to be followed and useful hints to deal with possible critical points.
  • Chapter 3 – Implementation of a role evaluation system  Presents the classification method proposed by ODM: the Global Professional System. This chapter provides an example to explain the operational steps needed to accomplish role evaluation and explores possible applications of the system in human resource management.
The Operational Guide to Role Evaluation, which is the English translation of the Guida Operativa alla Valutazione dei Ruoli, is distributed in pendrive. For an easier use and customization by company, the pendrive offers the possibility to consult and download on your PC all the tools.