Operating Guide to performance appraisal

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Per progettare, gestire e migliorare il sistema di valutazione delle prestazioni.


The OPERATING GUIDE TO PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL was created with the objective to provide an effective tool to support professionals involved in designing, implementing and managing performance appraisal systems within organizations.
The structure of the Guide, containing more than 100 pages of methodological references, models and operational sheets, is the following:

  • Chapter 1: METHODOLOGY: this section provides a summary framework of the subject matter and all the available options of the system structure (object of the evaluation, players, tools);
  • Chapter 2: PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM DESIGN – RULES: this section offers rules to comply with in designing a performance appraisal system consistent with the organization, identifying criticalities and useful suggestions;
  • Chapter 3: PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM DESIGN – OPERATING STEPS: this section illustrates the operating steps necessary to develop an appraisal system through a path that supports and consolidates the development of performance scorecards;
  • Chapter 4: RESOURCES – APPRAISAL TOOLS: this section includes a set of immediately applicable performance assessment forms, diversified by job family for each of the possible items subject to evaluation:
    • Competencies
    • Behaviours
    • Objectives and behaviours
  • Chapter 5: RESOURCES – TRAINING TOOLS FOR REVIEWERS: this section provides the necessary material to develop training targeted to reviewers involved in supporting the implementation of the system:
    • Notes for the tutor
    • Exercises
    • Learning test
    • Presentation

The OPERATING GUIDE TO PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL, which is the english translation of the  Guida Operativa alla Valutazione delle Prestazioniis supplied on pendrive and provides the possibility to view and download on your computer all the tools in an editable format (.doc,. ppt). By saving the documents included in the Guideyou can work directly on the evaluation sheets and training materials and customize them to suit your needs.