Operating Guide to incentive system

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Per progettare e implementare il sistema di incentivazione in azienda e verificarne l’efficacia.


The ODM OPERATING GUIDE TO INCENTIVE SYSTEMS was created to promote and improve the use of the variable pay lever by organizations. In particular, it provides tools and operating models to support HR departments involved in the design of an incentive system for the company.

The proposed tools are intended to encourage and strengthen the whole process of design and management of the incentive system, namely:

  • The design of the incentive tool
  • The planning process
  • The evaluation of the implemented system

The structure of the Operational Guide is organized into six chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Total Reward
  • Chapter 2: The incentive system: schemes and models
  • Chapter 3: The design of the incentive scheme
  • Chapter 4: The design of the incentive process
  • Chapter 5: The implementation of the incentive system
  • Chapter 6: Evaluation of the incentive system

In Annex, you have many valuable contributions to the design of the incentive system, and in particular:

  • A Library with hundreds of targets and KPI
  • 10 business cases
  • 7 examples of incentive systems for the Sales force

The OPERATING GUIDE TO INCENTIVE SYSTEMS is the English translation of the Guida ai Sistemi di Incentivazione and it is diistributes in pendrive. This format allows an easier use and customization, giving the possibility to download on your pc, edit and print all the tools (.doc, .ppt).