Organizational Manual

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Per effettuare l’analisi organizzativa, formalizzare l’organigramma e scrivere coerentemente le job description.


The ODM ORGANIZATIONAL MANUAL was created with the objective of providing an effective and immediate tool to:

  • carry out an organizational analysis, define the corporate functions and realign roles and responsibilities as a result of a corporate reorganization
  • identify critical areas of the organization in order to intervene in case of conflicts of responsibility
  • formalize the organization chart explaining the contribution of each resource in the creation of value.
  • structure and write the job descriptions
Besides methodological content, The manual provides a set of tools and templates and printable job descriptions of immediate use.

 Are provided 154 job descriptions belonging to:

  • 11 functional areas (General Management, Administration and Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing and Logistics, Production and Maintenance, Quality, Environment and Safety and Laboratory, Research and Development / Technical Area, Marketing, Commercial and Sales, After Sales and Technical Area and Information and Communication Technology)
  • 4 sectors (Retail Trade, Wholesale and GDO, Tourism Hotels and Catering, Construction, Chemical / Pharmaceutical)

For each functional area it contains also an organizational chart.
The ODM Organisational Manual supports the Human Resources and Organization functions in two ways:
• Operating: the proposed job description can be a significant reference for those who want to review or structure their internal manual.
• Methodological: by proposing a syntax and a standard recognized by the major Italian companies, fundamental to structure the organization and to lay out the job descriptions.

The  ORGANIZATIONAL MANUAL is distributed as a pendrive. For ease of use and customization by each company, the pendrive offers the possibility to consult and download on your PC all the tools in an editable format (.doc, .ppt). In this way, saving the documents included in the Manual, you can work directly on the organizational charts and job descriptions and customize them to suit your specific needs.