Operating Guide to diversity management

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Per approfondire le tematiche di gestione delle diversità delle risorse al fine di aumentare la retention e le performance.


The Operating Guide to DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT was created with the aim of providing an effective and immediately applicable support tool to:

  • Clarify the key concepts of this organizational approach;
  • Implement the Diversity Management in a company’s own reality by following a process that:
    • Defines or rethinks the corporate vision with respect to the diversity of people and their management;
    • Identifies dimensions of diversity, the critical issues and / or opportunities related to the diversity of people that the company wants to manage in a “targeted” way;
    • Selects the strategic logic considered more appropriate to address every dimension of diversity that the company wants to manage in a “targeted” way;
    • Drafts the Diversity Management policy of the company;
    • Translates this policy into specific objectives for action and measures of diversity management;
    • Communicates the Diversity Management policy within and outside the company;
    • Monitors, measures and evaluates the results achieved by the company with respect to Diversity Management;
    • Rethinks the whole process in the light of the results achieved and the changing business conditions and context.

Besides methodological content, the Guide provides a set of printable and immediately usable tools:

  •         151 possible targets related to Diversity Management (distinguished by dimension of diversity and strategic logic);
  •         432 possible interventions for the management of diversity (distinguished by   dimension of diversity, scope and strategic logic);
  •         KPIs for measuring and evaluating the results of Diversity Management;
  •         1 card for the definition of the Diversity Management Policy;
  •         1 card for the definition of the interventions related to Diversity Management;
  •         1 summary sheet for performance management related to Diversity Management.
The Operating Guide to “DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT” supports HR functions in different ways:
• Operating way: since it presents the concept of diversity management proposing a specific process of implementation, which is described step by step in order to allow its application within the various companies;
• Methodological way: because through check lists, tables, graphs and summary diagrams, it supports a “customization” process, which is completed through summaries for the definition of Diversity Management policies, interventions, KPIs to measure the results achieved and key factors on which to base the assessment of the commitment of managers with respect to Diversity Management. All these operational tools can be an immediate reference for those who want to analyze their organizational reality in order to make a firm commitment to the respect, appreciation and integration of diversity of people in the company.
The Operating Guide to DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT – ENGLISH VERSION”, is the translation of the Guida Operativa al Diversity Management and it is distributed in pendrive format. For an easier use and customization, the pendrive offers the possibility to consult and download on your PC all the tools in editable format (.doc).